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Medical tourism?

It’s no rocket science, traveling to Mexico reduces cost on most medical procedures.

Save up to 90% today.


Why Wait, travel today!

Why wait up to 2 years for your medical assistance?

Travel to Mexico and find a doctor who is immediately available!


Healthy Vacation anyone?

Tour Cancun  before you take on your medical procedure or after, you decide.

Mexico is already one of the top destinations in the world, come find out why!

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Medical tourism in Mexico, how does it work?

Well first off we have to understand that Medical tourism in Mexico is nothing new. It has been around for a long time and now it has become more accessible to the everyday user as information and media can bring us closer to the truth and eliminate the taboo that surrounds this topic.

The main basis for medical tourism are some of the following:

Cost: lets be honest we all like to save money but we all like quality products or services. Well now you can have both as in Mexico you can save from 15% up to 90% on your medical intervention. . . Read More Click Here

How does my Healthy Vacation Work?

Well ladies and gentlemen, we are a knowledge database. Basically we have built here a consultation stop and travel healthy site.

We provide you with a detailed directory where physicians are available for you when taking a tourism trip for treatment / intervention. We have also reached out to local doctors and hospitals to bridge the gap as much as possible between you (the patient for medical tourism) and the provider (hospital / clinic), using the search function on the top menu, you can type in lets say “fertility” and all current articles regarding fertility on our site will come up, once you find the correct article which speaks about your specific requirement or concern you will see on the bottom a selection of medical specialist in this area. . . Read More Click Here

Plastic surgery in Mexico, why is it cheaper? is this kind of tourism safe?

Plastic surgery in Mexico, why is it cheaper? Is this kind of tourism safe?
Plastic surgery in Mexico has got plenty of taboos that surround it, is it safe?, Are the physicians any good? Are the facilities clean? And so on, Well we will try to get you all the answers to these and many more questions in this article.

We have been asked time and time again why should I travel to get plastic surgery when I can do it back home, The answer always comes down to price. Many patients wish to save money and have quality work done (as most of us do) My Healthy Vacation does not work on border cities to the US where most of these bad practices have been documented we only have affiliates in well renown tourist destinations like Cancun, Playa del Carmen. . . Read More Click Here

Dental, the most common medical tourism.

Dental work is the most common medical tourism intervention when traveling to Mexico, in the US and Canada dental is not always covered by insurance, in Mexico there are plenty of certified doctors who also have the experience to take care of you with the highest standards at a fraction of the cost.

We have a great amount of affiliates who have great state of the art facilities and can focus on the a patient at hand unlike some clinics in the US or Canada that limit the amount time given to its patience do to high demand and lack of staff,this is not healthy. Here the labor is cheaper and doctors who work with tourism can afford to have more qualified staff and the clinics themselves more doctors. . . Read More Click Here

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Consider video chat with our physicians before you travel.

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Hi there, I am here to answer all your questions I will be your guide in our site My Healthy Vacation.

When traveling abroad please consider My Healthy Vacation’s quality transparency attitude, this ensures you that we the affiliated doctors can offer you a great service with only the highest standards with in the medical industry.

Feel free to contact any of our physicians and have a video chat when possible to have all of your doubts cleared before traveling on your medical tourism vacation.

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